"A great example of how good and important devised work can be... a fine piece of theatre that will entertain, delight and surprise you. Well worth a look in!” Kate Costello, Director of Galway Theatre Festival


Serotonin Syndrome

Mycah and Genevieve were inspired by the 2012 Galway Fringe audience’s reaction to Part III and people’s desire to see how far and in what direction the implications of the work could be taken...


What's On

Genevieve and Mycah Princess's

Show Times and Locations

Serotonin Syndrome Productions does not have any engagements at this time, but are currently in process to program the work in upcoming festivals both in the United States and abroad. 

If you would be interested in programming Serotonin Syndrome at your festival or venue we would love to hear from you at serotoninsyndromeproductions@gmail.com