"A great example of how good and important devised work can be... a fine piece of theatre that will entertain, delight and surprise you. Well worth a look in!” Kate Costello, Director of Galway Theatre Festival


Serotonin Syndrome

Mycah and Genevieve were inspired by the 2012 Galway Fringe audience’s reaction to Part III and people’s desire to see how far and in what direction the implications of the work could be taken...



Serotonin Syndrome Productions regularly teaches workshops on devising. These workshops are intended to give people a deeper understanding of this distinctive collaborative playwriting process. The workshops present a balance between theory and practical work – building participants knowledge through discussion, conception, and participation. Workshops are open to the public.

Sign up details:

Workshops take place at Peppermint Creek Theatre Company in Lansing, Michigan.

Workshop Contact Information:

Email: serotoninsyndromeproductions@gmail.com
Phone: 313.590.6823
Venue: Peppermint Creek Theatre Company
              Miller Performing Arts Center
              6025 Curry Lane, Lansing Michigan

"Partaking in the devising workshop lead by Mycah and Genevieve was a challenging and valuable experience. As an actor, I have done a lot of improvisational work but devising touches on something more. The personal nature of the material and the ability to create a structure out of anything and everything is really interesting. The collaborative nature of theatre translates very well to the process of devising and I feel empowered to create my own work after dabbling in this workshop." Tessa, Workshop Participant